What is SME Portal? Online legal solutions for SME’s at a nominal cost (R3 000 per annum)
  • Unlimited use of customisable agreements and legal documents
  • Access to our legal knowledge center
  • Become legally complaint


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Thank you for making us part of your business!

Here at MacRobert we want to be your strategic partner at law, from the very beginning of your business! But we are also aware of the fact that legal expenses are probably not at the top of your cash flow priorities…

That is why we’ve created the SME Portal: To allow access to basic legal agreements and resources for small and medium enterprises, at a minimal fee.

The agreements and documents are basic but thorough, and it gives you a starting point towards getting all your agreements in writing. In some instances, it will help you with basic statutory compliance. Other resources are available on the portal to assist you with your business from a legal and management point of view and to promote good governance. However, if you ever need anything more than the basics, or any other legal advice, you can easily contact us.

We will continue to add more agreements and resources to enhance the experience and benefit. However, your inputs and comments is of crucial importance for us to direct the development at better meeting your needs. We therefore encourage you to send us your suggestions.

MacRobert has a proud history of more than 120 years and we’re an established law firm with various areas of speciality. We will therefore be able to assist you well beyond your SME-phase, all the way to the JSE Top 40 and beyond.

We trust you will enjoy great benefit from your membership with the SME Portal and your relationship with MacRobert!